A Few Words from My Clients

I have referred numerous patients to Sara with consistently positive results. One patient came to her prenatal visit on crutches due to pain. By her next visit, she was walking with ease, and the pain had significantly resolved. Sara’s expertise in treating a wide range of physical discomforts specific to pregnancy and the postpartum state provides women with a much needed service. My patients have all loved working with Sara and speak highly of her skill and accessibility. I know when I refer a patient to Sara, she will be well cared for and her symptoms are sure to resolve with the prescribed therapy.

— Corina Tennant M.D.

After having 2 sets of twins a year apart, my diastasis recti was awful. My doctors wanted me to have surgery; they said only surgery could fix it. I tried physical therapy first and I'm so glad I did! Sara was amazing. I could fit more than 10 fingers between my muscles and she helped me get it down to 2! The doctors couldn't believe it. Sara was incredibly knowledgeable and I felt very comfortable with her from the start. She gave me exercises that were perfect for me, not just generic exercises for anybody. She made sure my "homework" was not only manageable physically, but fit my life and routine as well (especially with 4 kids under 1.5 at home!). I can't thank her enough for the care she provided. 4 years later and I still use the tips for everyday life she gave me to keep my muscles strong!

— Renee Monte


Sara's first visit was a revelation.  I am not exaggerating, I am a 52 year old birth doula who is pretty hard on my body, and I was having years of chronic hip and back pain.  I had worked with countless body workers, off and on, through the years. I had recommitted to heavy exercise and had spent a year getting myself quite strong and relatively fit but still, this pain was not going away.  In the first visit she got right to the source of the imbalance in my body, gave me concrete, very do-able exercises, and most importantly, the confidence to understand what needed to happen for me to be pain free. She really empowered me.   We worked together off and on for a few visits and her hands-on, knowledgeable care was magnificent and helpful each time. She is kind and professional, wise and calm.  

— Terry Richmond

I began working with Sara to address lower back and pelvic pain, as well as pelvic floor issues. Professional yet friendly, she was able to come to my home, which made physical therapy so much more accessible as a new mom. She made me feel extremely comfortable; asking questions and communicating with her was a breeze. Other stints in PT seemed more financially driven than oriented towards my goals, but Sara was solely concerned with my needs and we were able to address my issues quickly. I would not hesitate to recommend Sara to anyone looking for a compassionate, knowledgeable physical therapist. 

Rachel L. 

My experience with physical therapy with Sara has been great. I had a bucket handle tear in my left knee, requiring arthroscopic surgery. I saw Sara 2 days after surgery and weekly thereafter for about 8 weeks. Sara started me off slowly, with strengthening exercises and stretching. As I got better, which happened more quickly than I expected; Sara added more exercises. Moving around on my knee became easier and easier and I was able to resume light bicycling about 3 weeks after surgery. Today, 6 months after surgery, I'm back to riding in Prospect Park, 2-3 laps at my normal pace, and I'm able to stand up on the pedals to climb hills. I have to say that physical therapy with Sara has been a major part of my recovery and I'm grateful that I found her. In addition to knowing her stuff, she's a joy to work with.

— Charles

I first met Sara when I was 7 months pregnant. My OB referred me to her because I suffered from such severe pregnancy related back and hip pain that I could barely walk and I could not turn in bed. I started seeing Sara and I improved a great deal. Not only did she perform localized massage therapy to relieve the tension and pain, she also taught me exercises and postures that I could do on a daily basis so I could find relief on my own. In addition, she was very accommodating to my difficult schedule. Sara also graciously took care of all the insurance paperwork related to her services, which made a significant financial difference to me. All I can say is that, if it were not for her, I most likely would have ended up on bed rest for the last two months of my pregnancy. Instead, I recovered and went on to have a normal life. Sara is kind, knowledgeable and experienced. Being a physical therapist is her true vocation, and that shows in her level of care for and commitment to her patients. I would wholeheartedly recommend Sara to anyone.

— Isabel F.

Last year I had a horrendous injury - I completely tore my hamstring tendons - two of them. Like off the bone. Long story, my dog knocked me down while I was running. The doctors said surgery was not the answer, that they would scar down to the muscle but physical therapy was key. I found Sara through a friend who raved about her. I could barely walk when she started coming to my house twice a week. She massaged the surrounding areas, which were all compressed, and worked with me gradually on strengthening the muscle again. Her goal she said was to get me running again, and lo and behold in about 12 weeks I was basically back to almost 100%. It was all about strengthening and stretching. She's patient and pleasant and she really knows her stuff. I would highly recommend her.

— Molly Thompson

Sara is knowledgeable, patient and focused on the healing process. I came to Sara with an injured hip after running through three pregnancies and three marathons. I am a runner and didn't want to stop running as it is my medicine and lifeline. Sara worked with me giving me helpful hints and tips on how to run safely for my hip. Additionally she answered my questions regarding anatomy and physiology. These answers helped me understand what was happening and how I could heal. I ran my 4th marathon with Sara's support but more importantly she has helped me keep running a part of my life with her constant support. I have recommended her to friends, family, karate teacher, and my yoga students. Sara is simply amazing.

— Irrit